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Farewell-2022 Organized at HMV

Farewell-2022 Organized at HMV

JALANDHAR (KESARI NEWS NETWORK)- Flamboyance, exuberance and cheers galore, marked the vibrant Farewell-2022 “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” organized for the UG and PG students of Humanities,  Computer Science and Skill Development streams.

The overall incharges of the event were Dr. Ramnita Saini Sharda, Mrs. Ritu Bajaj and Co-Incharge were Mrs. Veena Arora, Ms. Sangeeta Bhandari, Dr. Neeru Bharti and Mrs. Urvashi. The organizers exended a green welcome to the dynamic Chief Guest of the occasion, Principal Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen.

The event began with the pious lighting of lamp, recital of DAV Anthem and proceeded towards the zestful performances of the students in form of songs and dances. Mrs. Ritu Bajaj accorded a formal welcome to Principal Dr. Ajay Sareen. Principal Dr. Ajay Sareen conveyed best wishes to the outgoing students. She advised the students to shine in their own light. The world is vast open for them and they should not undermine their own potential. If something is to be imitated, they are values and ethics. She felt elated to share that confident answers of the participants reflect that HMV has been successful in inculcating the spirit of empowerment into them.

True empowerment is to change the way we perceive think and act. The colourful bash was anchored by Massarat and Avleen, under the guidance of Mrs. Kuljit Kaur and Dr. Jyoti Gogia. Students enjoyed the fun games to their hearts. All the more exciting was the ramp walk of final year students which was expertly judged by Mrs. Navroop, Mrs. Mamta, Dr. Santosh Khanna and Dr. Ashmeen Kaur. Gurvinder Kaur in her message expressed thanks for the love she received from the institute. She reflected upon the wonderful moments, she has spent in the campus. On similar note,

Head girl PG, Diksha expressed her thanks to the institute for inculcating values and confidence into them and grooming their personalities holistically. The outgoing students passed on the light of knowledge to the second year students. The vivacious names of the winners include Harshita and Samridhi from Humanities, Priya and Gurpriya from Skilled Courses, Diksha and Divya from Computer Science, Diksha and Gurwinder from PG Classes. Angel Arora and Taru were given special prizes. The event also witnessed the release of college magazines, Samvad,

The Artist, Techwatch and Sports Zeal. Principal Dr. Ajay Sareen presented the title of HMV Brand Ambassadors to the winners and crowned them. Mrs. Kuljit Kaur presented vote of thanks and brought the event to a successful close.   

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